Pet-Friendly Houseboats

Does your heart sink when those big, droopy eyes catch your gaze as your dog realises it won’t be joining you on holiday?
Suddenly, the excitement surrounding your upcoming trip has been dampened.

🐶 However, with Mildura Houseboats, you don’t have to be in the doghouse with your four-legged friend.

☑️ We recognise that for many of our guests the pet pooch is just another member of the family. So we provide the flexibility to choose from a range of dog-friendly houseboats.

☑️ Pet-Friendly houseboats are clearly identified by a ‘Pet-Friendly’ icon when looking at the details of each houseboat, or simply use the search below to pick a houseboat that suits you…and your pet.

↪️ Now that you know holidaying with your dog is an easy proposition, it’s time to unleash the entire family on an adventure. You’d be barking mad not to.

Choose your Pet-Friendly Houseboat